Congratulations!  Your mission has now been completed.  

You have learned much about Aesopís fables.  

You read many fables on the internet and in books. 

You learned about the elements of a fable that helped you in writing your own fable. 

You worked as a group to rewrite a fable into a script.  Then you performed your play.  

You made a digital story of your play using the photos taken during your performance.  

The best part is that you were able to listen to and read your classmates fables plus you got to also view their digital stories.

Hopefully, you will see how the morals from the different fables can be applied to your life situations today.  

Did you learn from the characters in the fables any lessons that have you making different choices in your life?

One last moral:  No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.

If you are still interested in doing more activities or reading more fables, check out the Enrichment Section.

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