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The "Virtual Pizz-A-Thon" program is designed to save time and money. It allows for flexibility in or out of the classroom and for exciting the youth in using new technology, having fun while they learn. After assisting teachers and club leaders with the Pizz-A-Thon for over a 16 year period, each year participants would help make improvements to the program. 

The program is now perfected to provide piecemeal activities, allowing the leader to pick and choose based on learning objectives desired, time allotted, and whether students are in the classroom or are in after school activities. 

It is hoped you have or will find benefits from participating in the program. And that you accomplish your educational objectives in helping to shape our youth's understanding of the food and fiber industry and the many careers associated with it.

Use the Quiz as a Pre/Post Test to determine the extent of success in teaching. 

Pizz-A-Thon Sponsorship/Program Participation Application

Club/Troop, School Name.________________________________ Address______________________________


Contact person:_______________________,

Tel number________________, Email___________


Grade, ____ age of children____, number of children_____


Sponsor Name:_________________________, Address____________________________________


Tel number_________________,

Email _____________________

Level of Sponsorship_______________ and

dollar amount $____

See SPONSOR OPPORTUNITY page on the blog or contact Eldon Weber at e1935,w@aol.com or e1935w@gmail.com for details.

The blog site   javascript:nicTemp() will give you Sponsor Opportunities, background information, pictures, a place to record your journal highlights and an opportunity for you to ask questions.

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