The Constitution



You should now have a better understanding of the Framers of our Constitution. The framers of our Constitution created a very important document for our country. As a nation it is very important not only to understand the U.S. Constitution but also the men who Framed the Constitution.    “Now I would like to introduce you to UNCLE SAM”

 Uncle Sam:  “Thank You Mr. Patterson.”  I want you to know that Mr. Patterson has completed his mission. Your mission however, has just begun. "I, UNCLE SAM." want you to remember that the information you have stored on your power point presentation will become useless in 24 hrs. The computers will crash and the information stored in your brain is the key to our nations past.  So it is up to you to protect, uphold and teach future generations about the Framers; the 39 delegate who on September 17, 1787 signed the U.S. Constitution.   


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