Ask Roland Smith



Congratulations! You have become familiar with author Roland Smith and his books. Now when Roland arrives at E. H. Greene, in March,  it will be a little like greeting an old friend, and you will have plenty to talk about.


 You have uncovered some interesting facts about Roland's life, and it will be fun to note as you read along in his books how he weaves these pieces of information into the characters, the setting and the action of the stories.


Do you think you can predict what Roland might write about next? Where his future books might take place?


In the coming years check the library shelves and Roland's website to find out if you were right in your predictions.


The Author Visit Committee is always interested in hearing student ideas. Can you suggest some author visit activities that we could do at Greene leading up the visit that would be fun for students and help everyone in the school to learn more about Roland and his books? Go to the Author Visit site on Blackboard and send the Author Visit Committee your ideas.



As we count down the days until Roland arrives, read another one of his books. Which book will it be?


You might be interested in doing a little more research about Roland in relation to some of his books.



Roland's non- fiction Journey of the Red Wolf and his fictionalized novel Lobo, both center around wolves. Here Roland talks about his work protecting the endangered red wolf.



You might be interested in visiting the Wolf exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo




Sea Otter Rescue  was  written and photographed by Roland.

http://www.evostc.state.ak.us/History/index.cfm  contains information on the Valdez and the site of the oil spill in Alaska.

this site includes related science experiments




N Is  for Our Nation's Capital

Find out more about sites in D.C.







panoramic view from the top of Mt. Everest

pbs nova Mt. Everest




Sasquatch takes place on Mt. St. Helen's volcano.





The Captain's Dog  relates Lewis and Clark's journey from the point of view of their  Newfoundland dog.


The Captain’s Dog received the  Beacon of Freedom Award in 2003 recognizing it as an outstanding colonial times historical fiction book





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