Holistic Assessment of a Cardiac Patient



     Congratulations you are about to cross the finish line of the webquest jouney! You have worked diligently to discover there is more to your hospitalized patient than the diagnosis that caused them to seek medical attention in the hospital. The patient is a whole being. Areas you explored specifically in relation to a patient status post myocardial infarction were nutrition, exercise/activities of daily living, spirituality, and care giver support. Depending upon the severity of the heart attack, the patients roles may temporarily or permenantly need to shift. The patient may be facing loss of independance, loss of ability to earn wages, and may be experiencing anxiety related to mortality. It is paramount that as you progress from student nurse to nurse that you develop a sense of inquiry. Inquiry is important to practicing based on the current evidence and important to getting to know your patient and their care givers.
     This jouney has been a collaborative effort. Collaboration with the interdisciplinary team is important when caring for patients. It was required of you to review nutritional needs of cardiac patient during this webquest however if you were working in an institution, who is the expert in nutrition? Is there someone who is the expert in exercise? Who could be called upon for spiritual support?
     The final portion of this webquest requires you to log into our course website and post a paragraph answering the following: What were the challenges encountered regarding collaboration in this webquest? How were the challenges overcome? How do you see this experience fostering your understanding of collaboration with the interdisciplinary team when you are a practicing nurse?

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