Congratulations!  You have researched and completed an assignment on "Bullying Prevention".  Share this information with your friends and classmates.  Take action daily to help those that are subject to bullying. 

Bullies are typically people who do not know how to express their emotions or frustrations in a correct way. They find that bullying other people replaces their emotions and although they are still left unsatisfied. People of all age ranges can be considered bullies. Bullies can be aggressive verbally, physically, and emotionally to others. In order to stop bullying, we need to educate children about bullies at early ages and teach them how to handle those situations. "Being bullied by a serial bully is equivalent to being stalked or being battered by a partner or being abused as a child and should be accorded the same gravity"(unknown).

Consider this: 

                                              What action will you take to prevent bullying?

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