The History of Horses

Assignment & Conclusion


Where would we be today as humans without the help of horses?

Prior to the horse, humans had to carry everything themselves so commerce (buying and selling) was limited to what was within walking distance. They had to dig in the field themselves using picks, shovels and other implements so they could loosen the ground for planting seeds. Without horses, humans traveled very slowly and could not travel far. Wars and battles were hand-to-hand combat and without the use of horses for speed and height, many battles would have been lost and history would have been drastically changed.

Every civilization owes its advancement to the horse - yet we rarely consider this. Especially today when machinery has taken over the jobs that horses have done for thousands of years. Generations are being raised without an understanding of what a horse is, what they did for humans and how they have helped to shape history.

As your ONLY assignment for this webquest, you are to write a 2-3 page story about what YOUR life would be like if horses had never been created. Turn this in to your parent for grading and try to be logically creative here. The more you consider different aspects of history without horses, the more you will thoroughly understand their importance in our life and in the history of mankind.

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