Cell Phone: Is it a necessity at school?




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You have successfully read, learned and gathered all the information regarding cell phones issues. You have categorized the pros and cons on using cell phones in the classroom into a Mind-Map. In your group discussion, you have collaboratively made a concensus decision either to agree or disagree on the use of cell phones in the classrooms. On top of that, your group has collaboratively prepared a poster/posters for the oral presentation. Furthermore, the utmost task is to prepare the newsletter on the articles written (based on the three roles).

Now, here are a few important questions for you to reflect and think:

  1. What and how would you feel if your school allows cell phones in the classroom?
  2. What is your reaction if your lesson of an important subject has been disrupted by the continuous ringing tones?
  3. When, why, and how would you choose to use your cell phone if your school permits cell phones in the classroom? Are there any limitations? 
  4. If cell phones are allowed in the classroom, how would you use your cell phone as a learning tool? In what way can it be useful for you?   

Next, take a quick test on this Cell Phones Etiquette Quiz!

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