The Elderly



Now you have gained more understanding about the Elderly. You are now knowledgeable about yourself and your feelings about senior citzens and you have hopefully gained some valuable insight on how you can help elderly people live more comfortably and with less worry or struggle. You no longer need to feel nervous or uneasy around people over the age of 70. You have gained the skills needed to create your own letter to your future self, designed specifically to read someday when YOU are an elderly person. (That's going to be a LONG time from now!) I hope you have enjoyed this project and you will refer back to it on a regular basis to keep you motivated to develop positive and caring relationships with elderly people.

One of the main goals of these projects is for you to see the importance that the elderly have in our society. They should be respected and cared for! Learn from their experiences, and value the stories that they share. You will hope to be respected as well, when YOU are elderly someday!

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