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table Photo Gallery
This photo gallery contains historical photos of the Grand Canyon.

Click on each photo for a brief description!

Photos from: http://photographic-exploration.com/

Emery Kolb stands with rope & camera at mouth of the cave near the Bright Angel tunnel at the top of the Bright Angel Trail. 
Emery lowering Ellsworth down on their famous exploration of Cheyava Falls! Ellsworth Kolb holding camera & suspended by rope. Emery above on log above.   <br>1913 photo.

125 lb. canvas boat built in one day  and carried from Kolb studio to river by Emery Kolb &  John Ivans in three hours on trip to North Rim via Shiva  Temple, October 1916.
Men of John Wesley Powell's second expedition portaging boat through Hell's Half Mile, Ladore Canyon. May 1871
Stanton's Cave gate protects bats from human disturbance. Viewing the gate at Stanton's Cave is difficult because of its remote location. A strenuous, full-day hike (with at an overnight camping permit) is required, or an expensive week-long raft trip.
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